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In a strange planet, known as the  "leafy moon world", weird and dangerous things begin to happen... Creatures never seen before  awaken, peaceful animals become agressive and many races get in conflict.

Take on the role of an alien orphan who seeks the answers to the sudden passing of they adoptive grandmother in this colorful and exciting platforming game.

  • Play with up to 4 different characters, each one with a different classic platformer gameplay. Jump-shoot-stomp and beat' em all!
  • Make your way through the world by claering stages with a classic overworld system. Throw your magic heat stone on a geyser so it can shine and clear the sky to find new paths. There are secret geysers hidden in some levels 
  • Extend your vitality by grabbing  tasty food. Yum.
  • Over 30 different levels filled with mysterious stone statues. I wonder what those are...
  • Many towns and cities to meet and talk to people and learn more about the world's current state. And maybe make some friends.

Now working on:

  • Marketing
  • Music
  • Boss fights

This early access demo includes:

  • Four levels
  • Mu as playable character
  • Intro story and prologue
  • Data saving

Game has gamepad support for playstation controller  and xbox controllers

Made by Lavender Tree Games, solo game dev studio

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Install instructions

Uncompress the folder and double click the Mu-faced executable to play


Leafy Moon - demo.zip 18 MB

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