All ready for adventure!

Since It's my first devlog post on I'll make a quick summarization of what has been developed.

Stuff that is ready:

  • Main gameplay of the 4 playable characters
  • Overworld system
  • Save and load system
  • Dialogue system (when you travel to towns/cities)

Now working on:

  • Prollogue (an extension of the intro, shown when you start a new game)
  • The rest  of the levels (including bosses, new enemies, environments, and items)
  • Music
  • Npcs (designign dialogues and story telling when you talk to people)


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Feb 19, 2018

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Hi there, I was playing your game for a bit yesterday morning, but found that in the second area (Pink Prairie), the flying dogs aka trampolines have a small surface to land on, which makes it hard to tell when exactly to jump in order to get a boost :(

Perhaps this happened due to my using the keyboard instead of a controller; I'll have another go at your demo before I can confirm my findings :)

Hello Hobcramwork :D Thanks for playing the demo.
Yeah, a few people think that part is way too difficult. I think I'll be increasing those bouncy dogs's hitbox a bit. Thanks for you feedback!

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You're welcome :) . If you wish to keep the hitboxes of the bouncy dogs small, perhaps you could increase the force of the boosted jumps, so that the player can aim to land right on the centre of the bouncy dogs? Just a suggestion :p

I noticed that even though you see the sweet old lady who looks after the protagonist when he was a baby, you don't see her grave anywhere, unless that was the block with a purple stone on it at the beginning; perhaps some explanatory text to go with the grave would make the experience a little more melancholic?

When I played through the first set of levels (the one before Pink Prairie), I noticed that there were several statues to collect, but I had only noticed 2 of them. Is the third one easier to find after you come back with new abilities in tow, or can it be collected in the players' first try?

Other than that, was it intentional to make the the player automatically make small jumps forward when they're idleing on the bouncy dogs? I panicked at the one time I managed to get to the third dog when I saw the flying shooting goat, and then fell to my doom, and after that, my precision kept slipping due to not paying attention to those automatic mini jumps :o

By the way, I was drawn to your game because of the art work, the fact that it's a platformer, and the inclusion of a adorable playable skeleton :)

I look forward to playing the full version of this game, and if you need help testing your game out prior to full release, do let me know :)

Many thanks for your comment's :D. It woud be great if you could help me test the game before it's full release.

About the grandma's grave, there is another "epilogue cutscene" now in development that explains what happened to her, and Mu's motivation to explore the world. I'll make a new demo update when it is ready ;)

About the bouncy dogs, you just need to hold the jump button to bounce higher. If you do so near the center of the first dog, and keep going forward holding the jump  button, the character should land on the other dogs without any problems... I know this level is kind of hard and that's because is the third (secret) level of the game. Since I haven't completed any other levels I had to include it in the demo. Also the bouncy dogs mechanic is explained in a previous level (not included in the demo) Maybe it wasn't a good idea to include this specific level on the demo :p. I apologize for that ^_^

Sure, I would be happy to help :)

Ah, I see; your exposition in the game's page said as much, but I was wondering what was the significance of that stone

I think I managed to do that, but fell off afterwards because I panicked on seeing the flying goat (thankfully the goat doesn't fire at you right after you've been spotted) :o

No problem, these things sometimes just happen :D